This course is for individuals or groups who need to demonstrate that they can carry out hot works safely and in accordance with the current legislation.

The course content is as follows:

The theory of fire. This is to give you the knowledge in understanding what causes a fire and how it can spread.

Fire extinguisher theory with a practical session in which we use a gas powered fire simulator that has a variety of adaptations. These ensure the persons being trained get to experience real flames in safety.

We cover what the duties of the Fire Watcher are and how the person carrying out the task also has a duty of care.

We discuss the ‘Hot Work Permit System’ and we can also supply you with the templates to get you up and running as soon as you leave the course.

This course is used throughout the country by a major energy supplier. We are proud to say we put this course together and it has always been well received.

The course can be run for a single person or in groups. We can attend your location or we can arrange for you to come to us. We can also assist with arranging over night accommodation if required.