Due to regulatory reforms in 2005, many companies are now required to train employees in fire prevention methods and proper procedures in the event of a fire. Additionally, a business must have a designated staff member trained as a Fire Marshal responsible for overseeing and maintaining fire safety protocol.

We offer full service fire training and fire marshal training that is cost effective and will keep your business compliant with government mandates. Our flexible options include continued support, offsite training and onsite training options.

Our onsite program allows us to customise the training to your specific facility and work force. This is a significant advantage for staff to have a member that is designated to attend the fire marshal training. Allowing the staff members to train in their own work environment helps them become more familiar with the exact procedures and equipment, and reduces response time should there be a fire.

Our fire training program provides a comprehensive overview of proper prevention methods, response procedures and an overview of how fires spread and behave. This comprehensive approach prepares employees for unexpected events and improves efficiency.

At the end of the staff training and designated fire marshal training course, all attendees must complete an assessment that certifies they understand the information in the course and are prepared to carry out their duties. If they are unable to pass the exam on their first attempt, we will take the time to discuss and review the information until they become proficient.