We offer a flexible selection of fire safety safety training courses including fire safety awareness training in Somerset which provides comprehensive information and hands on experience. Since 2005, it has been required that most businesses provide fire safety awareness training to their staff and meet a long list of compliance requirements.

Three Ways Fire Prevention will train your staff on what to do in case of an emergency to save lives and limit damage to property. Not all fires are the same. Different fires require different response procedures and it is important for your staff to know exactly how to respond in at any given time. After all, they will be the ones most likely to know what caused the fire and will be the first on the scene. Proper training can mean the difference in preventing a small accident from turning into a catastrophic event.

We will first outline and talk your staff through what to do if they discover a fire. We offer training that will help your staff respond to a variety of fire emergencies. This includes extinguishing small fires using proper methods and out of control fires that require evacuation, as well as additional safety measures. Our fire safety awareness training courses even offer a smoke drill which is excellent for practising response procedures.