Established in 2003, Three Ways Fire Prevention has been a leader in fire risk assessing across the Somerset and the South West for the last eleven years. We provide assessments to a wide spectrum of clients and have the experience to handle properties of any size such as a warehouse, small business offices or even residential family homes. Our primary goal is quality customer service and ensuring a safe business and home environment.

Our assessments help businesses comply with government requirements and regulations and our process meets the highest standards among fire risk assessment companies. We purposely structure our reports in a manner that makes them very easy for our clients to understand and utilise.

We offer flexible services which allow us to advise you on how to best maintain your current assessment, or we can perform a full service assessment which will give you a complete report of everything needed to ensure your property is in compliance and implements adequate safety measures.

Government mandates are very specific and if these requirements are not fully satisfied, a business runs the risk of being temporarily shut down or penalised. Obviously, if a business is not operational then it not only loses revenue but also risks losing its customer base. In addition, there is potential for heavy fines or in some cases even criminal charges. We have been in business long enough to have established good working relationships with many of the authorities and can help you navigate through the process.

If you need help from a leader among fire risk assessments in Somerset, South West, please contact Three Ways Fire Prevention today so we can discuss your needs.